& Client Reviews

Originally I came to Ian to help me with building my career, business and clarify my future goals. In reality, he helped me recognize and be confident in my self worth and be purposeful in changing my life. And now we are starting on business stuff which is clearer and easier because I am a different person. I am actually who I have always wanted to be, just never knew how. I highly recommend Ian for anyone looking to hire a coach to help them improve every aspect of their lives. 

Sascha B.

St. Marteen BVI

Real Estate Broker


I am extremely happy I chose Ian as a coach. His availability, experience and expertise is exactly what I was looking for. Right from the first call he was able to offer new perspectives and exercises that I found to be life changing.

Nick S.

Commercial Contracting


Pull the trigger and coach with Ian. You will not regret it. Best money ever spent on a coach. He doesn't waste a minute. Cuts right to the core of the issues and gently guides you through. Wow, super impressed and very happy with my choice to hire Ian. 

Jennifer W

Seattle, WA
College Professor & Coach

I know I have a great life but just wasn't fulfilled in my job or my marriage. I just didn't have the confidence to take charge of my life the way I needed to. Ian led me through a series of exercises that showed me where my confidence was affected when I was a kid and I was unknowingly carrying that same thought process into my decision making today. Since discovering that, a world of possibilities has opened up for me and my life. I am so grateful for having Ian as a coach, he is so supportive in so many different areas. Most knowledgeable and dynamic coach I have ever worked with.

Steve S.

Transportation Management & Logistics

Ian is a hell of a coach. Not only did he guide me through a breakup with a girl I was seeing, he helped me navigate around some very costly oversights and pitfalls with a real estate investment. The guy is legit and can coach on literally every area. His experience is fantastic and he really cares. Goes above and beyond for me and I'm sure for every client. That's just the kind of guy he is.

Sean A. 

Luxury Goods Distribution

I am in a very ego and image dominated field. When I started with Ian, I was immediately impressed with how fast he could diagnose so many areas of my life and connect the patterns and get me to open up. He gets vulnerable with you and is really compassionate, helping me see what I needed, guiding me through. Love coaching with Ian. My business, love life and way I think about myself have all improved dramatically. I literally want to coach with Ian forever!!

Levi S

Wall St. Investment Banker

The Lobas Family Backstory

Ian Lobas’ passion for helping people build high level brands and seven-figure businesses can be traced back to a life lived in the trenches.

Working in his dad’s successful shipping business gave him tons of hands-on experience with virtually everything involved in running a business. So when he decided it was time to chart his own path, it’s no surprise he rose, with supernova speed, above the competition to become a top real estate producer. In just one year he crushed it, cranking out success after success.

But one day, he looked in the mirror and he didn’t like the person he saw. Actually, his wife had had enough too. The success came with a hefty price tag. Working six to seven days a week can take a toll on your health, on your relationships, on your life. That simply was not okay anymore.

Things had to change. 

Ian took a long hard look at who he was, what he was doing and who he needed to authentically be. First on his agenda was saving his marriage, which was headed for disaster. He came to understand what it means to be the best husband, best dad and best friend that he could be. Time to pursue his personal interests also became a non-negotiable. 

He embarked on an extremely intense period of personal development training. He learned about the human psyche, completed all of Tony Robbins’ training and became a certified LandmarkⓇ Introduction Leader. The more he learned and shared what he learned, the more amazed he was to find he was helping others.

Before long, his unique coaching business was born, a calling that has transformed the lives of hundreds of people the world over.

Ian is a sought-after executive coach who refuses to simply do window-dressing. He is setting a new standard in coaching by insisting that clients deeply understand the power their past holds over their lives. He knows first-hand that it’s pointless trying to move forward with new skills if you haven’t examined the effect your past has on your present and future. It’s at the root of how and why you make decisions.

“Wow, the person that made that decision was me 10 years ago. It came from the way my mind is wired. This emotion is not from the present at all.” That’s a common breakthrough for Ian’s clients.

As a coaching pioneer, he is helping people to be more intentional and live more purposefully by helping them get awareness and clarity. His mantra is “illuminate and eliminate”. He helps clients get rid of the ways of thinking and doing that no longer serve them. He points out, “In everything we do, we’re carrying all our baggage with us. I teach people about the power of choice.” 

He has helped leaders of billion-dollar corporations and people who are building multi-million dollar businesses to become a blank canvas. Only then can new internal and external skills be added.

His real world experience in the shipping business, wearing lots of hats and interacting with businesses around the world, has turned out to be priceless. Added to that, he knows what it means to fail and what it takes to succeed. With all that he’s been through, he is well equipped to help clients in every single area.

Ian’s background in psychology and business management helps him work with clients from the inside out. Drawing on his own wealth of life experiences, he works on the human being first, then the business person.

His passion for understanding what makes people tick is one of the characteristics that sets him apart from many other coaches. He is a curious person by nature, loves learning new things and has a thirst for knowledge. Inspired by parents who always encouraged him to travel, he has lived in England and explored practically every corner of the world. 

As a former member of the US national swimming team, he remains obsessed with water. 

In his spare time, he enjoys photography, adventure and adrenaline-filled sports, from flying planes to motorsports. These days, however, it is more common to find him sitting behind the wheel of an RV on a family road trip than it would be to catch him revving up a race car. 

Ian will tell you the #1 thing he loves doing is being a dad, so he strives every day to be the best example he can be for his daughter and son.

Maximizing time spent together as a family, with the world as their playground and classroom, is super-important to him. For Ian and wife Meredith, sharing unforgettable experiences is the best way to set a positive example of living life on purpose, on their terms, a life with no regrets for generations now and in the future.

Ian views coaching as his gift and he is driven to be the highest level coach as an example, particularly for other men. Anyone who listens to his Men on Purpose podcast will instantly realize he loves to dig deep to get people’s authenticity to shine. It’s all a part of his mission to help as many people as possible live with purpose and intention.