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Act on Your Instincts for a Life of No Regrets—with Peter Lorimer – EP 189


What is life if we don’t reach? That’s Peter Lorimer’s guiding principle as he shares his profound wisdom with Ian Lobas. It’s a privilege to hear the advice of one of the most dialed-in, successful men you’ll ever encounter. You’ll be hanging on his every word.

Peter has had an illustrious career as a top real estate broker in Los Angeles for more than 15 years now, and he’s just merged his company with real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran! Actually, his can-do attitude led him to achieve amazing results from as early as age 13. Refusing to be limited by the realities of his cold, industrial hometown in North England, Peter embarked on a musical journey as the youngest student at the Royal College of Music.

He went on to tour with orchestras and left home at the tender age of 15 with a trombone under one arm and a backpack under the other, determined to be a success in London. Following his instincts paid off incredibly well because he became a record producer who has worked with superstars like David Bowie, George Michael, Seal, and Christina Aguilera. By the time he turned his talents to the world of real estate, Peter had amassed around 50 #1 hits on the Billboard and Music week club charts.

What’s the secret to Peter’s success? He always checks in with himself to assess how he can grow and build who he is in order to build his business, his marriage, and everything that’s central to his life. That way, he’s always being the best possible authentic version of himself. This surefire approach ensures he’s the best he can be for everyone in his life and gets the best results from his business.

In this episode, he shows how you can evolve and become the person you need to be to hit your goals with ease.

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What You Will Learn

6:41 – How to listen to the quiet voice that sets you on the right path

24:33 – How to keep the voice of self-doubt at bay

31:57 – When to use a “spiritual golf swing”

35:10 – The two key filters for sound decision-making

36:05 – Why you need to trust that anything is possible

49:50 – How to factor the greater good into your decisions

51:23 – How to get clarity

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