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Construct Your Triangle of Growth—with Aaron Velky and Ian Lobas – EP 186


You might be lying to yourself! In this episode, Aaron Velky and host Ian Lobas challenge you to engage in introspection as they discuss the game-changing trio that work together as the foundation of your growth. They cover some specific changes you can make to become the person you want to become and achieve the things you want to achieve. They outline what it takes to achieve massive growth and the dangerous path many people take when they’re busy doing everything under the sun but not building their foundation.

Aaron and Ian also paint a picture of the information addict and provide an alternative to drowning in information as they reveal what happens when energy is focused. Best of all, they guide you through putting your series of goals into motion without getting overwhelmed, and they show you how your mindset and skillset will give you guidance on what is needed to accomplish the goal.

This is your chance to learn why setting consequences means you’re setting yourself up for failure. Follow their helpful tips to prevent stagnation and self-sabotaging behaviors. You’ll understand why you should stop beating yourself up and how to apply the concept of the “Board of Advisors” to stop living someone else’s version of success.

If you’ve ever wanted to make the income you choose to support the freedom or lifestyle you want, you need to listen to Aaron and Ian’s conversation.

Aaron is an exceptional financial coach who took inspiration from previously coaching youth soccer within the Pipeline Soccer Club. In 2015, he co-founded Ortus Academy in Baltimore where financial habits are shaped into taking charge of a meaningful life. The mission of the Ortus Academy is driven by his knowledge of business operations and development, coaching and leadership, and expertise in social media marketing.

When you’re done listening, be sure to check out our other amazing shows with Aaron Velky, including Goal Setting The Purposeful Way and Habit Builds to Help You Hit Your Goals.

Some topics they discussed in this episode include:

Being the person that attracts what you want

Why you need to separate being from doing

The rewards and consequences people set up for themselves

The reality that there is no overnight success

How to shift the outcome to change your mindset

The reason most people don’t hit their goals

Living in incongruity

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