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Empowering Yourself by being Fit—with Anthony Balduzzi – EP 182


Dr. Anthony Balduzzi is a health and weight loss expert and the founder of The Fit Father Project and The Fit Mother Project – the leading health & weight loss program for busy men and women over 40. Dr. Balduzzi holds dual degrees in Nutrition & Neuroscience from the University of Pennsylvania, a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, and is a former national champion bodybuilder. Dr. Balduzzi is most proud of the fact that he’s helped over 30,000 families in over 100 countries lose weight and get healthy through his Fit Father and Fit Mother Programs.

What You Will Learn

Personal Development

What are the personal development tools?

How to push past your limitation?

How experience has molded you

The Foundation of your ability to respond to purity


How to identify their mission and purpose in life

How to have clarity in life?

Contribution, Compensation, and Growth

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