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Everything Happens for a Reason—with Austin Linney – EP 194


How many goals have you set based on false narratives and false triggered emotions? Not sure? Then you need to listen to this episode.

20-year service industry veteran turned serial entrepreneur, Austin Linney, shares his story openly and authentically. He discusses with host Ian Lobas the path that led him from a country clubhouse to sleeping underneath the stairs in a closet.

This mindset and business coach and host of the Construct Your life podcast reveals how he went from being a drug and alcohol addict to curbing his substance abuse problems bit by bit, losing 70 pounds in the process and shedding about 15 versions of himself.

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Some topics they discussed include:

39:05 – The difference between schooling and education

39:13 – The difference between working with a coach ad working with a therapist

46:42 – What is the “covert contract”?

59:22 – What they don’t tell you about drugs and alcohol that is the scariest thing in the world

1:00 – The priceless mental exercise a yoga teacher taught him.

1:01 – What your greatness as a human being is

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What You Say When You Talk to Yourself 

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