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Evidence vs Emotion—with Aaron Velky and Ian Lobas – EP 191


We all have choices in every moment of challenge or opportunity that we face. In this episode, host Ian Lobas & Aaron Velky discuss how our brain gets wired and how we can rewire it. You’ll learn how your brain registers the experiences that didn’t feel good to you and the feeling you don’t want to have again. The interesting thing is that this also happens in business.

They point out that our past conditioning and programming can control the choices we make in the present, if we let them, and it can also shape our future. Thankfully, Aaron and Ian help us understand the difference between evidence we generate and use to power an emotion versus evidence that is real. An awareness of this difference will drive your success in every area of your life.

This discussion could be the key to figuring out what’s holding you back and preventing you from having all-round abundance.

Listen all the way through because at the end, you’ll get a practical exercise that anyone can do to bridge the gap between what you’d like to achieve and your belief that it is possible.

After leading transformational FrontRunner events, these business partners are well positioned to share the concepts that have helped attendees walk away from the events, knowing that their life has shifted in a purposeful way and clearly understanding their next move.

When you’re done listening, be sure to check out our other amazing shows with Aaron Velky, including Construct Your Triangle of Growth and Goal Setting The Purposeful Way.

What You Will Learn

21:50 – How our brains are wired and how to rewire

24:18 – Why our inner circle is crucial

31:52 – The value of being curious about what other people are experiencing

32:52 – The effect your attitude has on your team

34:13 – The impact of what is taking your mindshare or occupying your mind

36:09 – How we accumulate evidence that doesn’t serve us.

References and Links Mentioned:


The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

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