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Finding Your Lifelong Passion with Kyle Stanley – EP 174


Kyle has had his hand in many industries from broadcasting to health and wellness and sales as well as owning his own business. All of those were just stepping-stones to his true calling he discovered in 2019, real estate investing. Since then, Kyle has been able to create a financially free life that has allowed him to stop stressing about his bank account, and start focusing on traveling, giving back to his community, and developing relationships that will last him a lifetime.

What You Will Learn

Learning from different professions and leveraging that knowledge to get the life you want

Finding the lifestyle you want, and how Kyle attained financial freedom

Journey to being financially free with Real Estate

The importance of mentorship

The importance of providing value to people, as thanks for their help

How to develop self-confidence and how to face the fear of failure

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Notable Quotes

“Everything else that you look at that preaches financial freedom, I just really didn’t see it or believe in it until I saw Real Estate.

“If someone wants mentorship, you either got to pay with money or you got to pay with value.”

“Your Net Worth IS equal to your Network.”

“The number 1 thing you can do when you finally have the time and attention from a mentor, it seems so simple, do what they tell you to do.”

“There’s the growth that you want to make, but now I know I’m doing it because it’s for the lifestyle that I want, not for the lifestyle that someone else wants or what I’m supposed to be following.”

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