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F**K Hustle & Grind—Christopher Lochhead – EP 200


If you can’t find your place in the world, it may be because it doesn’t exist; some of us have to make our place in the world. This is one of the many golden takeaways of this special 200th episode celebration.

Christopher Lochhead joins host Ian Lobas to discuss the real reward of building a legendary business. As they reveal many “ahas” and shatter the myths perpetrated by popular hustle porn stars, they provide a roadmap for anyone who wants to break free from the grind and take a more purposeful, authentic path to success.

These insights are born out of the incredible experiences of both of these men. Christopher hosts the award-winning podcasts “Follow Your Different” and “Lochhead on Marketing” and he is the co-author of the international bestsellers “Niche Down” and “Play Bigger”.

He bucks the notion that “hustle is the most important word in the English language”. Instead, he challenges us to examine why we’re working hard and what we’re working hard on. How would you answer his powerful questions:

Are you pioneering a niche or doing something unique?

Are you moving the world forward in some exponential way with your products, services and anything else you want to create and deliver to the world?

There’s a ton to think through in this episode. When you’re done listening, be sure to check out our other amazing shows on living your authentic purpose, including Perfect Alignment and Act on Your Instincts for a Life of No Regrets.

Christopher & Ian discuss:

2:30 – Hustle Porn and the stars

6:15 – Purposeful personal development

13:47 – How you get motivation from yourself

13:59 – Why it’s better to seek inspiration rather than motivation

16:28 – Why vision boards are shit

20:00 – Danger of comparing yourself to others especially yourself

20:25 – Dialing in your life, what you want not what others want or have

26:37 – Being vs doing

34:58 – How to find inspiration

41:03 – Do you own your money or does your money own you?

43:17 – Good vs bad habits

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