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Go Higher on the Staircase of Growth—with Dr. Douglas Steinbrech – EP 197


Have you ever thought about how plastic surgery can change lives? Dr. Doug Steinbrech sure has. In this episode, Dr. Steinbrech joins host Ian Lobas to discuss his journey, which began in a small town in Iowa, where he thought farmers’ kids don’t go to medical school.

Fast forward to today. Dr. Steinbrech has been described by Forbes as the “go-to surgeon for men.” He is one of the nation’s most sought out experts for men’s surgery, leading the new wave of techniques in the accelerating field of men’s aesthetics. His techniques, attention to detail, and approach to cosmetic procedures have been customized to the male anatomy.

In addition to his busy surgical practice, Dr. Steinbrech is often called upon to speak both nationally and internationally about his techniques and the unique differences he has implemented in his practice to accommodate the desires and body structures of men. Author of the bestselling book Male Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Steinbrech has been featured on talk shows like Good Day LA and 20/20 with Barbara Walters.

His passion for male plastic surgery led him to establish The New York Institute of Male Plastic Surgery, which provides an educational foundation for current and future physicians to learn about male plastic surgery.
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Dr. Steinbrech’s Instagram: @drsteinbrech

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drsteinbrech

Dr. Steinbrech’s book: Male Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Some topics they discussed include:

20:36 – How Dr. Steinbrech is changing the game

26:55 – The 180 degree mind-shift

27:55 – 5 different types – male model, athletic dad, bodybuilder, CEO, the Biggest Winner

29:56 – The inevitability of “Cave Man Fat” which he can move into a different part of the body

35:02 – The problem with having a “stop-point” in your journey

38:02 – the sum of your 5 friends

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