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How to Be a Professional at Having Fun—with Vaughn Gittin Jr. – EP 178


Guest Bio

Vaughn Gittin is a world champion drifter and a professional fun-haver. He is known for his aggressive foot-to-the-floor driving style while driving some of the most famed cars in motorsports including the “Monster Energy” Mustang 2019 RTR Spec 5-D.

In 2010, Gittin won his first drift title in the United States, which was the beginning of further title wins then on. A 3 time World Drift Series champion, in 2005 he was the first American to win a D1 grand prix event. He continued to bring the title home all the way up to the 2007 world championship.

Vaughn is not a one-trick-pony. He is a master of all motorsport disciplines including off-road. In Maryland, The RTR from his RTR Drift Team stands for “Ready to Rock”. In 2010 he launched the RTR Mustang which is available in select Ford dealerships. He has become a TV personality featured in such shows as NBC sports programs and Formula Drift TV.

What You Will Learn

Value of hard work and hustle

Mindset of Businessman with a side hustle

How to integrate your hubby into a business

How your talent makes more money

Marketing strategy of a racer

How technology helps you in your business

Shifting a profession into a passion

Holding yourself accountable and controlling your ego

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