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How to Create a Purposeful Mindset & Use the Power of Choice to Elevate Yourself—with Daniel Diaz – EP 190


If you can’t figure out how to step up to the next level, this is the episode for you! Daniel Diaz and Ian Lobas discuss how to go from who are now and where you are now to where you want to be. This conversation provides a roadmap to help you live with purpose and on purpose and have the life you want with no regrets.  Dad, husband and founder of Peak Life Now, Daniel Diaz is a performance life coach, speaker, motivator and life-liver. His mission is to help people live a limitless life, so that life is working for them, not happening to them.  He shares his story of coming from a loving home with amazing parents who instilled in him the belief that he could do anything yet he was still super-insecure. He masked that insecurity by putting on a very secure front but it still pulled him into a darker direction in life…until he got arrested.   His journey into legit entrepreneurship started with the mindset that if he hustled hard enough, he would eventually be happy. However, like many others, he realized that this lifestyle wasn’t sustainable.  Daniel and Ian paint a crystal clear picture of the emotional and mental turmoil that results from being out of alignment in contrast with the creativity and possibilities you can unlock when you create the mindset of the person you need to become and you tap into the power of choice.  When you’re done listening, be sure to check out our other amazing shows that delve into creating the right mindset including Construct Your Triangle of Growth and Limitless Possibilities.

What You Will Learn

10:15 – The warning signs that you lack sustainability

38:05 – Courage will drastically impact the level of confidence you have

39:05 – Appreciation vs expectation

41:28 – Stepping up to interrupt the pattern of energy sucks

44:30 – How to create a space where you can consider “What else can I do?”

46:19 – The value of using the word “yet” regularly when you communicate with yourself

46:58 – Why we need to eliminate the words “but” and “understand”

1:12:54 – Being abundantly curious about what’s possible

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