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How to Express Your Most Authentic Self—with Shu Matsuo – EP 196


What does it mean to be a man? Shu Matsuo Post may well be a trailblazer for accessing a different understanding of what being a male is. In this episode, Shu and host Ian Lobas discuss the possibilities for societies if we celebrate masculinity and femininity equally.

Author of the book I Took Her Name, Shu has become aware of gender inequality in a very real way. He shares the lessons he learned from the vulnerability he experienced as he went through the process of changing his name in Japan, to incorporate his wife’s last name when they got married.

His journey led him to think about the other manifestations of gender inequality that exist in everyday life across the world. Shu and Ian discuss the metaphorical box that most men seem to be trapped in, limiting them to believe they can only be one specific way, typically strong and successful, with their success measured solely in numbers, and not showing emotions, other than aggression and anger.

They also delve into an exploration of their shared view that it can be freeing for men to know that manhood doesn’t have to be a certain way, as dictated by societal norms. Most significantly, they talk about the powerful force education can be in changing future generations and developing leaders who are more inclusive and help to create a better world for everyone.

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Some topics they discussed include:

9:32 – What feminism really is

22:51 – What is the man box?

23:32 – Masculine and feminine energy

24:24 – Gender bias and expectations

51:59 – What we can do to shift the gender scales

51:59 – The responsibility inherent in parenting and education to advise our kids on feelings and emotions

References and Links Mentioned:

Shu Matsuo Post’s website: https://shumatsuopost.com/en/

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