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How to Find a Good Business Partner—with Aaron Velky – EP 179


Finding a good business partner is a process that takes a lot of patience, because even if you’re 5% unsure that your business partner is good for you, it can end up as unredeeming experience for you. In this video Aaron Velky joins us to help elaborate on just how much goes into building trust within a business partnership.

Bio: University of Maryland Bachelor’s of Science in Financial Economics graduate Aaron Velky began managing student housing as soon as finishing college. He then developed and took action with a system that lead him to becoming a leader in the community and being involved with a redevelopment project.

Velky, currently a powerful financial coach, took inspiration from previously coaching youth soccer within the Pipeline Soccer Club. In 2015, he co-founded Ortus Academy in Baltimore where financial habits are shaped into taking charge of a meaningful life. The mission of the Ortus Academy is driven by his knowledge of business operations and development, coaching and  leadership, and expertise in social media marketing.

Today he is still involved in coaching youth girls soccer when he isn’t in his world travels. Often, these travels are for free, which he would gladly explain upon request. He believes that money matters, but financial intelligence matters more.

What You Will Learn

1. Partnership is a leverage piece

2. Two moments of trust

3. The litmus test

4. What’s inside a good partnership

5. The definition of dependent, independent, and interdependent

6. The recipe of partnership

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