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How to Purposefully Shift Your Mindset & Habits in 2021—with Dr. Anthony Balduzzi – EP 193


If you want to change your mindset and habits powerfully and purposefully in 2021, this is the episode for you!

Health and weight loss expert Dr. Anthony Balduzzi is the founder of The Fit Father Project and The Fit Mother Project – the leading health & weight loss programs for busy men and women over 40.

Dr. A, as he is affectionately known, explains that everything we want to do is going to require a desire and consistent action and desire + action requires physical, mental and emotional energy. He provides both a big picture strategy and a practical system that are priceless:

Here are some of the numerous big takeaways:

Steps to develop a morning routine to make your success more automatic the rest of the day

  1. We need to get sunshine in our eyes and on our skin first thing in the morning.
  2. If we intentionally give our mind the inputs that will shape it in the direction we want it to be, we can focus our attention for the day.
  3. Dr. A’s challenge for us to think about how we can be more conscious about creating impressions on our mind for ourselves so we will have the kind of focus and beliefs that will help to direct us for the day.
  4. Get quality hydration first thing in the morning – water with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt and/or trace minerals
  5. Get 5 minutes of motion, preferably outside with sunlight and breathing through your nose in fresh air. We need to move our bodies gently, e.g. going for a walk, bouncing on a rebounder trampoline, five-minute yoga stretch, running outside with your dog.
  6. Try 5 Tibetian rites, which focus mainly on moving the spine. If we improve the spine’s mobility and our blood flow we age better and also get some energetic and calming benefits. Check out the book The Eye of Revelation.
  7. Spend five minutes of time for focused energy, e.g. sit and journal or pray, practise concentration or meditation for a few minutes in the morning.

What’s your first meal of the day? Dr. A recommends you standardize it. It should be rich in vitamins and minerals, should make you feel full but not stuffed and it should be quick, e.g. a fresh juice and a morning shake or it could be eggs and greens.

Affirmations/Shifting Beliefs

Do you think negative thoughts about yourself? Dr. A explains that negative patterns of thinking have been gained through reactions to past experiences and repetition of these negative thoughts over time. If you want to unlearn a belief you have, find the converse of that belief that will help you succeed, repeat it and feel it.

Close your loops with your evening routine

Dr. A explains that the goal of the evening routine is to wash off the events of the day and get into deeper relaxation to prime for the next day. Anchor your routine with a dedicated space or chair for meditation or journaling before you go to bed.

When you’re done listening, be sure to check out our other amazing shows that provide the tools to help you become who you need to be to achieve your goals, including Construct Your Triangle of Growth and Empowering Yourself by Being Fit.

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