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Limitless Possibilities—with Glenn Lobas and Ian Lobas – EP 184


No one wants to go to their grave saying “I coulda, woulda, shoulda…” Yet very often we simply talk about what we’d like to do without ever taking the necessary action.

In this episode, Ian Lobas’ dad Glenn shares his life lessons that can help us avoid staying stuck. Having learned about responsibility and  consequences from his own dad, Glenn is well-positioned to provide useful advice on seizing opportunities that many people may not see.

Glenn Lobas is an entrepreneur and international shipping consultant. He worked his way up to Import Manager at an international shipping company while studying to become a Licensed Customs Broker. In 1987, he founded his own global air freight company, Ian International. Since then, Glenn has founded a total of three international shipping companies and currently serves as President of Customs & Trade Logistics.

Glenn joins his son to discuss what happens when you adopt a mindset of curiosity and the importance of being comfortable in your own skin. They outline the pitfalls of letting a position or material things define you and they point you in the right direction to get out of your comfort zone and find your purpose.

When you’re done listening, be sure to check out an earlier episode in which Glenn and Ian discuss how to trust your inner voice.

What You Will Learn

The surprising places where we can learn about business

How you can get a well-rounded education for life

Moments that can define our destiny

The value of taking the initiative

Progress over perfection

Why we need to listen to our heart and not our brain

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