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Men’s Optimal Health: The Purposeful Man & Heart-Centered Business Leading The Way—with Kent Baklor – EP 192


The why behind your business can be a powerful force for changing your life and the lives of others. In this episode, Ian Lobas uncovers the story of Kent Baklor’s success in life and business.

Kent is the founder of the LifeMed Institute, a health and wellness practice in Maryland that is designed to take care of you and your health in unique ways. From gut health to heart and brain health, Kent is passionate about helping you operate efficiently and manage the aging process.

It comes as no surprise to learn that he was a fitness enthusiast from an early age, even though he merely had some old weights at the time. Passion and commitment are a common thread throughout his life.

Even though he left home at the age of 15 and lived in the back of a car in gas stations for two years, he was determined to finish high school and that same determination helped him stick with his business, even when funds were so low that he had to sleep on the floor.

Like many of the other men who have been guests on this podcast, he refused to simply follow the beaten path and he earned success as a result, in spite of the challenges he faced. Kent is an inspiration to anyone who puts their heart and soul into being in alignment with their purpose.

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Some topics they discussed include:

5:38 – How to detect when there is misalignment

8:53 – How to “act as if”

14:17 – Why we need to monitor what it happening inside and outside of our world (it seems that nothing lasts in the same way forever)

24:10 – Pushing through fear

25:41 – How to know when you have dead-on alignment

28:41 – How to make the best decisions

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