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Parenting & Living on Purpose with a Mindset of Curiosity, Growth & Abundance—with Glenn Lobas and Ian Lobas – EP 188


Have you ever asked yourself, “What is it going to take for me to get to where they are?” In this episode, Ian Lobas’ dad Glenn reveals what happened when his ego took a blow and how in the process he learned his best lesson ever about life and leadership.

He describes how he humbly applied a mindset of curiosity, as he had in the past, and how it led him to a promotion in six months. Combining that mindset with one of growth and abundance was powerful! His journey and determination to put in whatever energy, effort and time it would take to move him forward are nothing short of inspirational. 

Constantly challenging himself with questions like “What can I do to further myself?” and “How can I make this work for me?”, he went from a messenger at a customs house business to the eventual founder of three international shipping companies.

Glenn’s early lessons in setting his ego aside also paid dividends later as a parent. If you want a great relationship with your kids for life, you’ve got to listen to this episode. The stories this father and son share will crack you up but they also demonstrate what happens when you parent on purpose and keep a clear and open line of communication with your children. 

Want to know what happened when Ian took the Corvette out, just blowing off his father’s warning and then quickly returned home with a sheepish look? Listen to find out.

And what would you do if your son came home and gingerly told you there’s a policeman in the kitchen? How about when the story unfolds to reveal that police dogs and a helicopter had surrounded your son and his friends? How would you react as a father? Find out the full story and Glenn’s stunning reaction in this heartwarming episode. 

What You Will Learn

00:00 Start

4:59 – Evolution 

6:50 – Curiosity 

19:54  – Lessons and leadership 

20:30 – Understanding

23:27  You must change you 

24:41 – Abundance mindset

26:28  – Curiosity Mindset – How can I 

33:11 – Whats the goal & drop the ego

35:49 approx – Raising kids, how to get them to follow – Advice from Dad to son

39:50  – Lessons, how to teach kids purposefully 

41:26  – Be smart about being stupid

42:39  – Think about how you reacted when your parents did that to you and change/shift how you approach the lesson to a mentee or kid. 

45:26  – Parenting formula

1. Spend time, 2. Build a bond, 3. Build trust

48:13 – Be an intentional parent

50:22 – Being vs Doing

58:36 – Reactions from parent

When you’re done listening, be sure to hear more of Glenn’s fatherly advice in earlier episodes as he and Ian discuss having limitless possibilities and how to trust your inner voice. 

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