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Perfect Alignment—with Nick Gross – EP 195


If you want amazing results in your life and business, you’ve just struck gold! Nick Gross, known as The RV Fit Guy, reveals the extraordinary four-step process that shifted him from someone with zero confidence to a pioneering entrepreneur whose business has grown exponentially.

It’s hard to imagine coming from a loving middle class family, having a decent job and being in a great relationship, only to have everything come crashing down. The night Nick and the love of his life were heading home on a Harley turned out to be the night his life changed. A non-serving choice led to him serving time after losing the woman he loved dearly.

However, he realized that the accident could have killed him, too. He knew he survived for a reason and he was determined to make the most of the second chance he got.

While he was behind bars, Nick had set goals he wanted to accomplish when he got out and that was his focus. He describes how he worked with host Ian Lobas to free himself from the prison of his mind and achieve the goals he had set and more.

In a short time, he put in the work and with Ian’s coaching was able to change his programming. One of the major shifts was changing the way he viewed himself, recognizing that he made a non-serving choice but he didn’t set out to cause anyone harm.

As a result of Ian’s four-step process, he was able to remove the mental blocks that were holding him back, and he found a path that is truly in alignment with him.

Some topics they discussed include:

1:02:59 – How to have trust and faith in the process

1:07:59 – Why you need to set a date and work backwards to do the work on yourself and your business to hit the goals

1:10:04 – How to surrender and have patience, knowing that the universe will deliver

1:10:25 – The value of waiting for the universe to give you the green light.

1:13:11 – Everything happens for a reason

1:25:42 – Why it is important to share your vision with everyone

1:26:22 – Celebrate your wins and what you have done

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Nick on Instagram – @rvfitguy

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