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Progress Over Perfection—with Meredith and Ian Lobas – EP 187


Meredith and Ian Lobas are committed to helping listeners of this podcast Elevate, Educate, Empower, Enrich and Evolve themselves and this episode has all the ingredients to help you do just that.

With a behind-the-scenes look at how this purposeful couple became partners for life, you’ll gain useful insights that can shift any relationship to a more positive and intentional trajectory.

Relive Ian’s proposal to Meredith and the entire adventure surrounding their engagement. Ian describes how he figured out the steps needed to make the proposal special without simply throwing money at it like he normally would have. The cool deals he worked out are fascinating! You’ll learn how he negotiated and bartered his way to make everything happen as he envisioned it yet he didn’t hold onto some perfect picture of how the day might turn out – a trait he has developed over the years.

Speaking of development, this entrepreneurial power couple walks us through some of the most valuable lessons they’ve learned and shows us the scariest, hardest part of trying to better yourself. Equally important is their advice on the most effective way to enroll others into your vision for the future.

When you’re done listening, be sure to check out our Ian and Meredith’s other discussions of what it’s like to be an entrepreneurial family on purpose, including Supporting the Growth of a Vision and The Ins & Outs of an Entrepreneurial Family on Purpose.

What You Will Learn

Where you’re headed if you don’t try to better yourself in some way

What typically happens when people get bored with their lives

How we project our assumptions onto our partner and what we can do instead

What happens when you live only on the surface, safely on the treadmill

The definition of a purposeful partnership

What you need to do if you want a great relationship

References and Links Mentioned:

The video that makes Ian cry every time he watches it (have tissues handy!)

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