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Here is What Ian's Clients Are Saying 
About Using The Purpose Driven Formula

Aaron S.
Wall St. Investment Banker
New York, New York, USA

I am in a very ego and image dominated field. When I started with Ian, I was immediately impressed with how fast he could diagnose so many areas of my life and connect the patterns and get me to open up. He gets vulnerable with you and is really compassionate, helping me see what I needed, guiding me through. Love coaching with Ian. My business, love life and way I think about myself have all improved dramatically. I literally want to coach with Ian forever!! 

Jennifer W.
College Professor
Seattle, WA, USA

Absolutely worth the investment. I interviewed coaches who were “cheaper” and I now know you get what you pay for. As a professor, I thought I knew it all and was putting people through the gauntlet to become my coach. Then I interviewed Ian and on our first call, he really opened me up and I just knew he was the right guy.

Totally worth it. Pull the trigger and coach with Ian. You will not regret it. Best money ever spent on a coach. He doesnt waste a minute. Cuts right to the core of the issues and gently guides you through. Wow, super impressed and very happy with my choice to hire Ian. 

Steve S.

Transportation & Logistics
Portland, Oregon, USA

I know I have a great life but just wasn't fulfilled in my job or my marriage. I just didn't have the confidence to take charge of my life the way I needed to. Ian led me through a series of exercises that showed me where my confidence was affected when I was a kid and I was unknowingly carrying that same thought process into my decision making today. Since discovering that, a world of possibilities has opened up for me and my life. I am so grateful for having Ian as a coach, he is so supportive in so many different areas. Most knowledgeable and dynamic coach I have ever worked with. 

Nick S.
Entrepreneur & Personal Trainer
Detroit, MI, USA

I am extremely happy I chose Ian as a coach. His availability, experience and expertise is exactly what I was looking for. Right from the first call he was able to offer new perspectives and exercises that I found to be life changing.

After working with Ian for 5 months now, its shocking where my life is and I never ever thought any of this was possible. The dude is working magic. I am about to launch my own business and live my passion and dream. WOW, its really exciting and I have Ian to thank for it! 

Nigel B.
Attorney At Law
London, England

I knew I was successful, just didn’t know why I only felt good doing business stuff. I wanted to be happier in my marriage, I wanted to be a better Dad and I wanted to love doing that, and actually love that more than my business. Through coaching with Ian, I have a better marriage, I have a better relationship with my children and my business has seen a 26% growth. Best of all, I actually learned to love myself and actually know what fulfillment feels like.

Sascha B.
Real Estate Broker
St Marteen, British Virgin Islands

Originally I came to Ian to help me with building my career, business and clarify my future goals and frankly make more money. In reality, he helped me recognize and be confident in my self worth and be purposeful in changing my life.

I have depth in relationships that I never knew was possible. And when we started on business stuff, I was able to make decisions so confidently and clearly. My business has exploded and I have started a new partnership at a powerful brokerage which has unlimited potential .I am a different person. I am so happy now!!  I am actually who I have always wanted to be, just never knew how. 

Meet The Creator Of The Purpose Driven Formula

Ian Lobas is a sought-after executive coach who has helped people from all walks of life build seven-figure businesses. Driven by a passion for recognizing the power of your past, he works with clients from the inside out so they can make a lasting shift. Ian uses his wealth of life experience and in-depth understanding of the human psyche to help people live with purpose and intention.

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