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Supporting the Growth of a Vision—with Meredith and Ian Lobas – EP 181


Do you want to take the guesswork out of relationships? This might be the perfect podcast episode for you! Meredith and Ian Lobas reveal what it’s like to be an entrepreneurial family on purpose, navigating and evolving in the world of family, marriage and business together.

Join them to find out:

The secret to living your most fulfilling life possible, without limitations

How to avoid the “slow treadmill ride to the grave”

The dangers of giving into social pressure

What you need to do before you can be a great partner in a relationship

The most common reason people jump into relationships too quickly

How to honor yourself in a relationship

How to say an effortless “YES” to a relationship

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“From the start, our relationship just made sense.”

“If there is a breakdown, we don’t sweep it under the rug, we deal with it.”

“Defaulting is living the life that comes to you. Designing is living life the way you want to.”

“Everything either happens to you or for you.”

“Relationships are not stagnant, they keep changing, growing and evolving.”

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