How to Find Mentors & Lead by Example—with Matt Aitchison – EP 171

What does it mean to live a rich life? If you’re after money, power, and success, it’s time to take a close look at who you surround yourself with.

Matt Aitchison is a millennial real estate investor, wealth mentor, top ranked podcaster, and philanthropist. He is also the co-founder of The Aitchison & Adams Real Estate Team, which sold 500+ units and over $250+ million in real estate in just 4 years. After buying his first investment property at age 22, Matt went on to found Vault Investment Properties, a real estate investment group located in Sacramento, CA that specializes in retail, multi family, and hospitality assets. Matt has achieved a lifetime of success in just 10 years, and helps others reach their goals through one-on-one coaching with The Rich Academy.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Matt walks us through his journey, including the times he hit rock bottom. Matt opens up about how he was able to course correct and take ownership of the actions that were putting him on the wrong path. He explains the role that mentors played in his personal development and professional success. Listen in in for Matt’s advice on becoming more likable and learn how to identify the right mentor who shares your beliefs and values.

What You Will Learn

How Matt accomplished so much in just ten years

How life changing circumstances helped Matt unlock his ultimate potential

Why its essential to find someone you want to emulate in life

How a mentor can help you shape your thoughts, beliefs, and habits

The importance of having a great inner circle who can help you course correct

The three things you can do to make yourself more likable

How to boost your confidence and avoid losing faith in yourself

The three things Matt looks for in a mentor

The best question to ask when approaching someone who might be a mentor

What “R.I.C.H.” stands for and how Matt emulates it

How Matt uses the Rich Life Planner to track his goals and milestones and stay organized

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