To Accelerate Your Growth, Be a Team Player—with Hans Struzyna – EP 166

What if you could condense 10 years of experience into just a few months? Hans Struzyna believes that you CAN exponentially accelerate your growth by getting into the slipstream of a mentor, coach or teammate who has been there—and leveraging their knowledge and skills.

Hans was a member of the 2016 USA Olympic rowing team and currently serves as a Realtor Partner with The Gunderman Group, a Wall Street Journal Top 100 nationally ranked real estate team. Recognized as the top team in the San Francisco East Bay, The Gunderman Group sells more than $180M per year (with an average price point of $1.2M). Hans and his wife are also avid multifamily real estate investors, and he hosts the popular podcast, Another Way to Play.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Hans joins Ian to discuss his Olympic rowing career and explain how he achieved at the highest level by ‘just taking the next step.’ He challenges us to get more intentional with our goals and shares the Power List strategy he is using to be productive during the COVID-19 shutdown. Listen in for Hans’ insight on untangling your identity from a business, role or outcome and learn how YOU can accelerate your growth by being coachable and learning from a team.

What You Will Learn

How Hans became an Olympic Athlete by ‘just taking the next step’

Why growth requires pushing against walls you can’t immediately overcome

What inspired Hans to get more intentional about goal setting

How the physical act of writing them down changes our relationship with our goals

Hans’ take on rigid vs. free-flow discipline

How applying the idea of a Power List has made Hans MORE productive

Hans’ advice on untangling your identity from a business, role or outcome

Hans’ transition from Olympic athlete to high-end real estate agent

How joining a team accelerates your growth process

The steps Hans took to establish passive income via real estate investing

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