Rewrite Your Story & Become Your Best Self—with Rock Thomas – EP 165

Our identity is built around the story we tell ourselves about who we are. And that story includes the labels we have been given by the people we love. But what if those labels aren’t serving us? How can we start to shift our identity and write a new story? How can we learn to say YES to things that are bigger than us and grow into the best version of ourselves?

Rock Thomas is the motivational speaker and self-made millionaire behind the #IAmMovement, a crusade to help people create their best life, on their terms. After decades of learning from the likes of Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey and Gary Keller, Rock has impacted more than 100M lives with his teachings around personal growth, entrepreneurship and financial freedom. He is also the author of The Power of Your Identity and Your Epic Life Blueprint, the creator of the M1 Mastermind, and the host of The #IAmMovement Podcast.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Rock joins Ian to share his top advice for getting on the path to personal development. He explains what he learned about energy and focus from studying successful people and challenges us to be purposeful in everything we do. Listen in for Rock’s insight on how the stories we tell ourselves become the script for our lives and learn what you can do RIGHT NOW to upgrade the stories that don’t serve you, shift your identity and become a better version of yourself!

What You Will Learn

Rock’s advice for getting on the path to personal development

  • Get clear on what’s important to you
  • Say YES to things bigger than you

The science behind how we access our Superman Cape

How Rock defines faith as an emotion of trust that things will work out

Rock’s challenge to be purposeful in everything we do

How studying successful people inspired Rock to create the 7 P’s

Why the energy + focus we bring is more important than how much time we spend in practice

How Rock discovered the power of visualization

How the stories we tell ourselves become the script for our life

Rock’s 10 Best/Worst exercise for shifting your identity

How Rock’s mentorship helped Ian believe in limitless possibilities

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