From Presentation Mode to True Presence—with Philip Shepherd – EP 168

Are you truly present? Or are you in presentation mode? The fact is, most of us have been conditioned to present ourselves in a way that earns approval. And our exchanges with others become attempts to manipulate that prevent genuine connection. So, what can we do to shift out of presentation mode and achieve true presence?

Philip Shepherd is the creator of The Embodied Present Process (TEPP), a set of practices that reunite the intelligence of the head with that of the body. He is also the author of two seminal books, New Self, New World and Radical Wholeness. Philip’s work draws on experiential research, including a cycling trip he took alone as a teenager through Europe, the Middle East, Iran, India and Japan, as well as a lifetime of acting, directing and writing for the theatre. An internationally recognized embodiment expert, Philip travels the globe presenting workshops and facilitator trainings, bringing clarity to a chaotic world.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Philip joins Ian to discuss how exploring other cultures introduced him to the power of choice and helped him realize what choices our culture has systematically deprived us of. He explains how we can leverage the breath to tap into the intelligence of the body and reclaim our wholeness. Listen in for Philip’s insight on how our culture is stuck in presentation mode and learn how YOU can become fully present—and fully receptive to others.

What You Will Learn

How a bike trip introduced Philip to different understandings of being human

How passing through many different cultures helped Philip gain choice

The two ways that the power of choice shows up

  1. Recognizing in moment that we have choice
  2. Recognizing choices cultured has systematically deprived us of

The relationship between breath + making choices aligned with our being

Philip’s advice for taking the first step on our journey to wholeness

What we can do to tap into the intelligence of the body

The principle that the body is fluid + our whole body is available for breath

The distinction between true presence and being in presentation mode

Why we can only be fully receptive when we’re fully present

The giveaways that we’ve shifted back into presentation mode

Where our breath rests when our animal self wakes up to the world

Philip’s insight around the depth of our body’s intelligence

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The Embodied Present Process

New Self, New World by Philip Shepherd

Radical Wholeness by Philip Shepherd

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